Diane Cilento Foundation

Established in 2011, The Diane Cilento Foundation Ltd is a public company limited by guarantee and operates as a not-for-profit company.
Under the Constitution, the main Purpose of the Company is to –
  • Work towards the furtherance of the performing arts in Queensland and the overall Australian community by managing a portfolio of novel and educational performance programs including but not limited to theatre, music, dance, circus and opera;
  • Provide affordable performing arts theatre attendance to residents and tourists in Queensland and the overall population of Australia;
  • Provide an affordable performance venue for schools, organisations, and private enterprises;
  • Provide at least one novel, or experiential, or master class performing arts education program each year including but not limited to drama, music, dance, circus and opera;
  • Assist individuals, universities, colleges, public schools, and other organizations, both public and private, to instill values and aspirations consistent with those of the Company to provide safe, secure, and affordable performing arts theatre experiences to the general population of Queensland and Australia.


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