Hello Fans,
Yes it's that time of year again, and this one will go off with such a bang you'll wish every day was Christmas. KARNAK is THE place to be on December 3 for a FABULOUS night of Christmas FUN and FRIVOLITY in the most stunning location in the Far North.

So what's in store, you ask?
We have a truly wonderful array of simply STUNNING party animals to make your night a real BLAST.
Swinging in from Sydney are a bevy of divine DIVAs to keep you entertained to the max, and local band sensation THE LOOSE CANNONS will make sure your dancing feet get a real workout through the evening.

The handsome Paul Berryman on keyboard, the divine David Lonigan on drums, angelic Anil Deshmukhai on lead and Frankie will all get you into the Festive Mood, and while they're knocking your socks off, back stage in the dressing rooms, four GORGEOUS GALS will be primping hair and polishing nails ready to make your Christmas the best yet.

So who are they? Well, there's BETTY WINDSOR, no relation to the other Betty Windsor, although sometimes their hairdo's look the same. Betty used to wow them at Mango Jam (and that was just when you ordered coffee!), and stopped the traffic with her mad PRISCILLA show. Unlike her namesake in England , you won't read about Betty in New Idea, no, you'll have to buy something a lot cheaper than that to find her!! She towers 6foot 7 inches so she can be as rude as she likes. Well that's what she told me before I asked her how high can she make a bee hive. She is desperate and has no personality and therefore a brilliant compere for any drag doing the Daintree. She runs a spectacular All Female review with tits and feathers for days. Betty is truly pure showgirl even though some people see her as nothing more than street filth. more...