My Friend the Chocolate Cake

Sunday 10th October 2004

After 15 years, 5 albums, ARIA awards and countless requests, My Friend the Chocolate Cake have finally put together a 'best of' collection on one CD. Titled Parade  the album features 16 tracks from their previous recordings and 3 new songs. To coincide with this the band have also released a songbook featuring words and music that you can play along to at home!!
Their name alone should have ensured a quiet life for My Friend the Chocolate Cake. No one dreamed of ARIA awards, two years of sold-out Edinburgh Festival dates or the kind of ageless and eternally devoted audience most bands with cooler names would kill for.

My Friend the Chocolate Cake write songs of lyrical and musical mastery about people, characters and their community.  Defying categorisation, the band perform emotive musical pieces that move from subtle chamber instrumentals to frayed accoustic pop and songs of wry observation.

By no means formal in their presentation, My Friend the Chocolate Cake travel between atmospheric and ambient through to full scale romps and ballads. The band offers a unique and unsurpassed combination of moods.

What the reviewers say

"My Friend the Chocolate Cake have paved the way where they can truly say they are unlike any other band in the world. Talent and great songs speak volumes and in their case they've got both."
Bruce Elder, Sydney Morning Herald
"My Friend the Chocolate Cake prove there is delicacy and warmth in Australian music, for songs performed with genuine feeling."
The Age, Melbourne