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A complex set of beautiful events and colours. Greek kalos "beautiful" + eidos "form" + scope. Literally "observer of beautiful forms"

As daylight fades, a magical scene lights up.
With the backdrop of star and moonshine the lake and rainforest gardens surrounding the theatre are transformed into a kaleidoscope of moving shapes and colours.

Internationally acclaimed artist, Linda Jackson's paintings glow like jewels upstairs in the theatre whilst on stage her installation art sets the scene... inspired by the magic of the rainforest and the colours of opal... The Opal Forest... dusted with performers in Linda's amazing Kabuki style costumes.

An eclectic mix of Yalanji smoking with amazing didgeridoo by Shaun Creek, songs from the stage by Sydney songster Graham Stroud, blues by local diva Erin Vander Slotte and smooth tunes in the jazz lounge by "Cruze with Suze" will entertain, relax and delight.

Another twist of the kaleidoscope produces the astounding glass creations "Glass Works" by Ola Hoglund - Sculptures in the Garden. Sit back with a bottle of wine and immerse yourself...


Nestled within the installation...or even up in a tree...Diane Cilento will surprise and engage the audience with readings from her autobiography, My Nine Lives, recently launched throughout the Commonwealth by Penguin. Diane will be reading from, selling & signing her book on the first night only of Kaleidoscope (ie Tuesday 23rd May). After that she's off to the Sydney Writer's Festival as a keynote speaker. Signed copies of My Nine Lives will be available to purchase from Karnak on the following nights of Kaleidoscope and the readings will be conducted by Nell Schofield (see bio below) more...